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Recent Results

I am very proud of the work I’ve done for my clients, and for the excellent results I’ve earned for them. These results are the direct result of the thorough investigation and litigation I do on all of my cases — no matter how big or how small. Here is a snapshot of just some of those positive outcomes I’ve obtained. I’ve abbreviated my clients’ names to protect their privacy


People v. JS: DUI – DMV License Suspension overturned, March 2020
Another victory against the DMV resulting in the return of my client’s license. No suspension for DUI arrest!

People v. SR: DUI case & DMV license suspension dismissed, May 2019
A DUI case in which I argued that the police acted illegally for pulling my client over for no good reason. I argued this to a judge after cross examining the arresting officer, and persuaded him to dismiss the case.

I also persuaded the DMV to dismiss the license suspension case against my client because of the officer’s illegal behavior.

People v. JS: DUI — case dismissed, May 2019
Another DUI case in which I argued that the police acted illegally in pulling my client over and persuaded the judge to dismiss the case.

People v. SU: DUI — not guilty verdict after jury trial, September 2018
A felony DUI case involving an allegation that SU was under the influence of drugs while driving. I demonstrated to the jury that although SU had prescription drugs in his/her system, she was not DUI. The jury agreed!

People v. LT: DUI and Child Endangerment — charges reduced & DMV suspension dismissed, March 2019
My client was returning to her local hotel after a day on the beach with her four kids, when another driver side-swiped her. When the police showed up, they arrested her for DUI and Child Endangerment. I was able to get the Child Endangerment charges dismissed and the DUI charge reduced, which meant a much lower fine and no jail time.

I also persuaded the DMV to dismiss the suspension of my client’s license based on the arresting officer’s failure to follow the rules about giving my client a breath test.

People v. AM: DUI — charges reduced, May 2019
I was able to get a special allegation dismissed through a plea bargain, which saved my client several hundred dollars in fines.

People v. KM: DUI — charges reduced, December 2019
Another case in which I persuaded the DA to dismiss a special allegation, which saved my client several hundred dollars in fines.

People v. JP: DUI — charges reduced, March of 2019
I got the DUI charge in this case reduced to a “wet reckless” which meant that my client did not have to do any jail time, and saved him almost $2,000 in fines and fees.


People v. LS: Domestic Violence — case dismissed, August 2019
I investigated this case and discovered evidence that seriously undermined the credibility of the woman who accused my client of hurting her. I used this information to get the case dismissed.

People v. TF: Domestic Violence — no charges filed, May 2019
Another case where I was able to talk the DA out of filing charges against my client. Here my client was accused of Domestic Violence and the police served a search warrant at his house to look for evidence. He called me right away. Good thing he did.

People v. SA: Domestic Violence — no jail time, February 2019
By pointing out the holes in the DA’s case, I was able to get a plea bargain for my client that kept her from having to do jail time.


People v. MH: Identity Theft — Case dismissed, January 2019
This case involved an allegation of that my client used someone else’s ID for an illegal purpose. The DA failed to take the case to court on time and violated MH’s right to a speedy trial. I went to court on MH’s behalf and got the case dismissed.

People v. JB: Interference with a police investigation — case dismissed, April 2019
My client was accused of tampering with police evidence in this case. Through the negotiation process, I was able to persuade the DA to show leniency to my client and dismiss the charge after my client completed a one-session class on the law.

People v. HB: Drug and Burglary Charges — fines deleted, March 2019
My client had already been convicted of a crime and done her jail time on this when she came to see me for help getting out from under heavy fines. I put together a package of information about all that she had achieved since getting into trouble and persuaded the judge to wipe out approximately $7,000 in fines.

People v. RD: Vehicle Theft — no charges filed, November 2019
The police questioned my client about his car which someone claimed he stole from them. My client contacted me right away. I immediately got on the phone with the DA and was able to talk them out of filing charges against my client.

People v. BG: Resisting police/alcohol related — case dismissed, April 2019
My client was accused of alcohol related charges at a Santa Barbara college after being arrested at a concert. I negotiated a plea bargain in which my client’s case was dismissed after he completed an alcohol awareness class.

People v. LB: Vehicle Theft & Drugs — charges reduced/dismissed, August 2018
My client was accused of felony vehicle theft and drug charges after being arrested in a stolen vehicle. After a hearing on the charges, I persuaded the DA and the judge to dismiss the drug charges and reduce the vehicle theft charge to a misdemeanor.

People v. DL: Robbery — charges reduced/charges dismissed, March 2019
I was able to get the Robbery charge reduced here based on extenuating circumstances which I used to persuade the DA to go easy on my client. I was also able to get other allegations dismissed.

People v. AL: Gun Possession — case dismissed, May 2019
My client was camping at the Oceano Dunes and was contacted by the police and arrested for having a gun in his jeep. By pointing out that my client was acting responsibly about his gun when he was arrested, I persuaded the DA to drop the case after having my client complete a one-session gun safety class.

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