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Strike Offenses and Serious Felonies

I have extensive experience handling the most serious and complicated criminal cases there are. For more information, visit this page and have a look at the recent results listed below.

Strike cases and serious felony cases like Murder, Robbery, Gang cases, Sexual Assault, and Vehicular Manslaughter present complicated issues such as:

  • Your right to bail or release from custody
  • Illegal police conduct in traffic stops and search warrants
  • Informant identification
  • Your right to examine all of the evidence in your case
  • Fairness in plea negotiations
  • Expert testimony

Most importantly, you have the right to be represented by an experienced trial attorney who will fight hard for you in court. As a former prosecutor used to handling the battles in trial for the “other side” I am now uniquely qualified to represent you.

I also have extensive experience handling cases involving clients coping with mental health challenges, and have been successful in convincing judges to participate in diversion counseling programs rather than punishing them with jail, probation and fines.


People v. LA: Multiple Life Term case reduced to credit for time served, June 2021

People v. KM: Mental Health diversion application granted for Identity Theft and Drug Sales client, June 2021

People v. JB: Mental Health diversion application granted for Child Endangerment Spousal Abuse client, June 2021

People v AA: Court diversion application granted for mentally ill client charged with reckless driving, March 2021

People v. BC: No Charges filed on Embezzlement case, December 2020

People v. CS: Felony Resisting arrest charges reduced to misdemeanor disturbing the peace, no jail, no fine, October 2020

“Theres nothing worse than being incarcerated/detained/locked up/imprisoned, how ever you want to spin it, espeacially when you did nothing wrong! Mr. Kraut will go to bat for you. He responded quickly, he was efficient in keeping contact, Respectful, & was more than able to get “charges” dropped/dismissed. Mr Kraut knows his way with the “LAW” & will help in any way possible…. I had an old case that was modified & two years later, (still on probation), picked up on a violation of a court order that did’nt exist, I posted bail, & needed some help…Mr Kraut contacted ADA, was willing to stand in for me, ( so I don’ lose my jobs), & with imformation I gave him got these charges dropped!…. When in doubt Mr. MK is the way out”


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