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Domestic Violence

For three years when I was a prosecutor, I handled nothing but Domestic Violence cases. As your attorney, I will fight hard to ensure that you are treated fairly by the Court and the DA.

An arrest for Domestic Violence can have terrible effects on your life even before you go to court and can last long after any court case started against you has ended.

  • You will have to post FELONY BAIL if you want to get out of jail after you are arrested. Bail for a Domestic Violence arrest in San Luis Obispo County is $50,000.
  • The police will get a judge to issue an Emergency Protective Order against you which may prevent you from contacting your family and going into your own home. You will also have to turn over all your guns to the police and you won’t be able to get them back for months or even years!
  • If you get convicted of Domestic Violence, you could be sentenced to serve time in state prison or you could be sentenced to serve time in county jail and put on probation for up to five years. You will also have to complete a counseling program that can last as long as one year.


People v. D.W.: Charges dismissed, no jail, April 2021
No probation, no fines

People v. SR: Charge reduced, no jail, March 2021

People v. LN: Case dismissed, December 2020

People v. LS: Domestic Violence — case dismissed, August 2019
I investigated this case and discovered evidence that seriously undermined the credibility of the woman who accused my client of hurting her. I used this information to get the case dismissed.

People v. TF: Domestic Violence — no charges filed, May 2019
Another case where I was able to talk the DA out of filing charges against my client. Here my client was accused of Domestic Violence and the police served a search warrant at his house to look for evidence. He called me right away. Good thing he did.

People v. SA: Domestic Violence — no jail time, February 2019
By pointing out the holes in the DA’s case, I was able to get a plea bargain for my client that kept her from having to do jail time.

To find out how I can help you get through the nightmare of being arrested for domestic violence, call me as soon as you can at (805) 723-0711.

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