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Cases I Handle: Domestic Violence

An arrest for Domestic Violence can have terrible effects on your life even before you go to court and can last long after any court case started against you has ended.

You will have to post FELONY BAIL if you want to get out of jail after you are arrested. Bail for a Domestic Violence arrest in San Luis Obispo County is $50,000.

The police will get a judge to issue an Emergency Protective Order against you which may prevent you from contacting your family and going into your own home. You will also have to turn over all your guns to the police and you won’t be able to get them back for months or even years!

If you get convicted of Domestic Violence, you could be sentenced to serve time in state prison or you could be sentenced to serve time in county jail and put on probation for up to five years. You will also have to complete a counseling program that can last as long as one year.

“Matthew did an outstanding job for me on my case. He was very honest motivated professional and very prompt he has great relationships with the the court and District Attorney’s Office. I live out of the area and he was referred to me by a top rated Attorney from my local District Attorney’s Office because of his great achievements. I highly recommend him for anyone fighting a case in the San Luis Obispo Pismo Beach area.”